This is Charlie. He is our very own devil dog . . . ornery but sweet as can be, and the inspiration for our name and logo. He is also grateful for leftovers from the grill.

Devil Dog Grill is run by a local Denver family with more than 30 years of restaurant experience. We’re licensed and insured throughout Colorado.

We use locally-sourced food whenever possible, as well as recyclable and compostable products. Unlike most food trucks, we don’t use a generator and don’t require electricity, so we are super mobile and can set up almost anywhere.

2022 marks the beginning of our eighth year in business. We have seen many mobile food vendors come and go since we started out in 2015. What is our secret to success? Show up on time, ready to rock, with a smile on your face and make the event great for your hosts and guests!

Check out our Events page to see how we can make your event fun and delicious!

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