Some of our current offerings:

Regular and 1/4 lb. Hebrew National All Beef Hot Dogs
Ranked number one among national hot dog brands by the NYT

Chili Cheese Dog
Homemade no-bean chili dog sauce with shredded cheese

Guinness Bratwurst
Mildly seasoned pork bratwurst made with dark Guinness beer

All Beef Spicy Polish Sausage
Locally made, no nitrates, natural casings

Fat Tire Bratwurst
Locally made pork brat with Fat Tire beer, no nitrates and natural casings

Cheddar-Bacon Bratwurst
Rich and delicious, locally made with no nitrates and natural casings

Jalapeno-Cheddar Bison Bratwurst
Locally made, no nitrates, natural casings, spicy

Caprese Dog
Locally made Italian fennel sausage, stuffed with fresh mozzarella and topped with fresh tomatoes and basil

Pulled Pork or Pulled Chicken Sandwich
Cooked in the slow cooker to be very tender and served with homemade BBQ sauce, coleslaw on request

Angus beef, basic with American cheese and fixings

Black Bean Burger
Vegetarian, a bit spicy with corn and cheese inside…more cheese on top

Breakfast Burrito
Homemade with sausage, potato, mild green chile, cheese and eggs


Please note: Not all items are offered at every public event, and other items may be added at host’s request.


Catering packages

We will customize the menu for your event based on your needs. We don’t post catering package prices online because every situation is different. Rest assured our prices are very reasonable and we will work with you to put together the menu that is perfect for your event.

Planning an Event?